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Commercial Vehicles


208.JPGOwners & Directors with commercial equipment know their gear can have a hard life getting bashed around on site! but they also know their equipment has to be safe and look professional. 

At Owen Evans panelbeaters we have been repairing earthmoving and other commercial equipment for the best part of 30 years. With that amount of experience we will have your machine out of the workshop and back on site earning its keep faster than any other repairer out there! We work with all insurance companies that underwrite heavy equipment and will make the repair process as smooth as possible. The panelbeating and repaint service we offer isn't taught in Schools, its only ingrained through decades of experience with different machines. We don’t take short cuts just because it’s a ‘work horse’

*The dump truck was a complete repaint for Komatsu NZ, and it was completed in their yard over the weekend so Komatsu staff would not be affected.  

Onsite & Sales Detailing



on_site_touch_up_0.JPGPart of our business is working with brand agents and distributors of new and refurbished equipment. 

We understand a lot of work goes into engineering, marketing and selling of new equipment. So it's important when a client receives their new machine, it looks like it just came off the factory floor, even if it’s had extensive aftermarket engineering preparing the machine for its new environment. Owen J Evans & Sons can bring newly modified or refurbished machines back to the top of their game with a professional refinish. We can also apply anti-corrosion material for machines or trucks that are destined for harsh environments such as marine or fertilizer dominated work places. Coating machines and trucks that are heading off shore to the pacific islands for example can extend the life of the equipment. We are also sensitive to the fact that equipment is not easy to move around which makes minor work hard to schedual for. Owen Evans can offer an on site service whether it be a paint touch up or panelbeating of safety guards or rails.

*This was an onsite paint touch up at a new subdivision in rural Auckland.   


Truck Repairs



Waste_Man_3.JPGAlthough we do alot of commercial machinery, trucks were our speciality for along time and we can still offer a sound service for your damaged truck.

We have a vast array of clients who own trucks as part of their equipment fleet and we are more than happy and capable to repair and repaint these as required. We also work for truck mounted crane operators who obviously have multiple types of equipment that need panel and paint attention as part of their on-going projects. Owen Evans deal with all insurance assessors who process trucks for insurance claims. 




Cab Refurbishment



110.JPGBecause some machines are right in the thick of the heavy work, sometimes the plan goes wrong! heavy things drop on them, they roll over or the harsh  weather can even get the best of them over time!

It’s not ideal having to repair machinery and not often cheap! If a damaged cabin is keeping your machine from earning revenue and a new cab is just too expensive and has to come from overseas, there’s a good chance Owen Evans can refurbish you a second hand cab and fit it to your machine. We can also make one good cab from two damaged cabs and then get it certified by an engineer. Most of the time it’s an accident that caused the damage and the insurance company will be fitting the bill. Most clients choose to get a full repaint done at the same time the cab is off and when they get their machine back it looks basically, brand new!